SVG Credit Card & Payment Icons: 6 Styles, 80 Icons

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Download View Demo Introduction Anyone who knows me, or the type of developer that I am, knows that I always look at web development from a forward thinking & future proof stand point. One thing that has always bothered me is limitations on images - icons specifically. To accommodate the wide range of screen sizes & resolutions, we are [...]

Managed VPS Hosting Now Available!

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Take a hands off approach to your hosting. We can manage your hosting as in depth as you require. Whether you are an experienced system administrator with expert know how, or someone who just need a place to keep your website. Our expert administrators are ready to jump in and get you up and running (and keep you up and running!) at a moments notice. Alternatively, if you are an experienced system administrator, we are on standby if you ever need assistance.

UPDATED: How To: Configure AWS Lambda to Automatically Set Cache-Control Headers on S3 Objects

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One common issue when taking advantage of the Amazon Cloud to optimize your website is the lack of necessary cache-control headers. If you run your website through Google Insights, one of the most common suggestions many website administrators will see is "Leverage Browser Caching."

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