Photo: Aaron Fagan

Who Am I?

Hello there! My name is Aaron. I am a Platforn Engineer, DevOps specialist, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, and much, much more! I work professionally as a web developer, within the telecommunications industry.

In addition to my full time work, I also freelance as a designer/developer/consultant to individuals, small/medium businesses & corporate level clients.

What Is My Experience Level?

I have been building websites for more than 25 years. It all started when I was a young boy, back when Netscape Navigator was the browser of choice. The first line of code I ever wrote, was to make an image appear in an HTML document.

Over the years, my skill levels have progressed to not only include basic HTML, but also the more modern equivalent, HTML5. I am also fluent in CSS/CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL.

In addition to the above, I am also well versed in the use of Photoshop. This allows me to provide graphics design services, including logo design, website asset design, icons, social media, you name it!

Finally, I am also very experienced with server administration and cloud services. This very website takes advantage of cloud infrastructure, including content delivery networks, and high availability/scaleability servers & DNS.

Where Am I Located?

I am current located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Although I may be physically located far away from many of my existing & future clients, I have found this not to limit the quality of service I am able to provide. I take advantage of modern tools, including tele-conferencing/tele-presence, screen sharing, and even Skype to ensure that I deliver a consistent, professional, & budget friendly experience for all of my clients.

What Is My Mission?

The web can be a scary place for those not familiar with its intricacies. My mission is to make the web accessible to everyone, and to build better websites & better code, one project at a time!