Facebook Cover Photo Templates (JPG & PSD)

Facebook Cover Photo Templates (JPG & PSD)

By Aaron F. January 16th, 2015

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With today's blog post, I am resurrecting a write up I did a number of years back regarding Facebook cover photos, their dimensions, and some creative ideas to help you achieve a totally new level of coolness on your own Facebook pages!


Take note of the following when creating your cover photos:

  • Displays at 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones
  • Doesn't display on feature phones
  • Must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall
  • Loads fastest as an sRGB JPG file that's 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes

In the file available for download above, I have included both JPG (JPEG) and PSD (Photoshop) versions, as well as templates for business & user pages. I have gone ahead and built them with all the elements that normally appear over the cover photo, allowing you to design a cover photo that will fit perfectly with your page.

The above files are free to use and redistribute as long as they remain intact, and in their original form.


To get some inspiration, check out these creative Facebook timeline cover photos!

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