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AWS Route 53: Easy Vanity (Whitelabel) Nameservers

By | 2017-04-24T11:50:35+00:00 March 19th, 2016|Amazon Web Services, Web Design & Development|

Vanity nameservers are used when you want to hide your nameservers in WHOIS search results. This is beneficial in the event you want to hide where your web space & DNS services are hosted, or to just present a more professional appearance. When hosting your DNS services with Amazon Web Services Route 53, they will assign each hosted zone (DNS record set) four nameservers.

How to: Use Custom Web Fonts on your Website

By | 2017-02-28T17:11:27+00:00 August 20th, 2015|Web Design & Development|

The method we will be looking at is @font-face. There are plenty of other methods (including Cufon fonts), however I find these methods to be cumbersome and bandwidth intensive. Using the @font-face method along with optimized fonts, you are able to pick and choose what kind of characters & options are included.

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